Whitney Lodge No. 229

                                  F. & A. M.

                                   8008 South 475 East

                          Muncie , IN 47302


Welcome to Whitney Lodge #229 Web Site.

This site is dedicated to the advancement of Freemasonry.

Lodge Email address: whitneylodge.229@gmail.com

Brother Bob Wyatt PM Email address robertwyatt86@gmail.com

Mission Statement: 

To take good men and make them better, And to teach a good Brother the arts of Masonry, to make him a better Mason. 




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Stated Meetings
We meet on the Third Wednesday of the Month January through November and Second Wednesday of the Month in December. We eat at 6:00 PM and Lodge opens at 7:00 PM.


Dr. Samuel V. Jump Night 

The following is a portion of the readings from a previous Dr. Samuel Jump Night as put together by WB William Garrett.

 The edifice that we now stand in is just the physical Lodge our Past Masters have built; it says nothing of that structure they have built that cannot be measured like the thickness of stone or the height of columns, that edifice of Brotherly Love, that warms us more completely than the stateliest temple.
 The success of this Lodge an be traces to Dr. Samuel V. Jump and the Masters that followed in his footsteps. As May is a month for remembering all that has come to an end. Let it be a time for us to remember our beginnings as an Entered Apprentice. And the Master that sat in the East so long ago and asks us "What do you most desire"? And with that question he brought us to Light and set us on the path that with his support, tutelage and help lead us to the East. And thus an unbroken line from 1858 to present.
 As Free and Accepted Masons we can have much pride in the Fraternity and all that it stands for. But might we be forgiven, for having a little extra pride in saying "We hale from Whitney Lodge #229"?
 Since 1858 Whitney Lodge has selected from among it's ranks, it's leaders. This honor and privilege is not given to every Master Mason. Brother Past Masters let us honor Whitney Lodge and her members for their confidence in us.